Meet Aisha Taylor, your money mentor!

I was working what I thought was my dream job in corporate finance.  I frequently worked on multi million dollar deals, made six-figures per year, and represented the company at recruiting events and other outside company events. I even managed a $1B purchasing budget.  However, despite my outward success, I was struggling financially because I didn’t know how to manage my own finances.

When I used my credit card, I would hold my breath because I was afraid it would get declined.  Dining out felt particularly uncomfortable because I waited barely able to move, speak, or breathe for what seemed like eternity because I wasn’t sure if the server would come back to tell me my card was declined.  I had a nice car, a nice home and travelled frequently, but I was drowning in student loan and credit card debt and at one point in time, as a grown woman, I even needed my parents to loan me money to buy groceries.  I was struggling financially.  I felt lost but felt the need to keep up appearances so I kept spending.  

This overspending triggered feelings of shame and unworthiness.  I couldn’t understand why I could manage a $1B budget, but couldn’t manage my own finances.  I was tired of the financial stress that I was dealing with.  I was tired of not knowing how I would pay my bills and if I would have enough at the end of the month.  

Something had to change.  

Therefore, I decided to change me.  

That started with the decision to learn how to manage my money properly and once I learned how to do that, I then shifted my focus to earning more which ultimately allowed me to save $30,000 and ultimately build a $100,000+ investment account.

This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about helping others financially.  I knew I wasn’t the only one who was lost financially, drowning in debt, wondering where all my money went every month, and not know what to do to live a better, healthier financial life.